The truth
is always there
universal and eternal..

a fleeting glimpse
without a sound;
a sudden flash
pounding you

shaking you

the truth
is always there..

or revealed.

Poem by Mairi
Artwork - Flammarion engraving

I’ve always been intrigued by the Flammarion engraving above, and the mystery behind it. There are several theories about its origin and meaning, but nothing conclusive has ever really been established.

For me personally, I like to think of it as someone breaking through the illusion of existence after a long journey…and some kind of long searched for truth being revealed.

Feel free to share your thoughts 💙.


    1. Thank you 💙 . Truth can sometimes be subjective…universal truths usually speak very loudly though…even when they whisper🌻🌼. I’m still learning to spot the difference 😊.

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