Wounded Healer

I’ve been thinking about emotional wounds…those we experience and those we cause in others. I’ve been looking at the physical scars on my body…some from small injuries; some from deep surgery. Physical wounds always fade with time, and the superficial ones disappear completely. Others…the deeper ones, never completely fade and will be with us for life. Maybe wounds to our soul are like that too. Maybe those very deep ones just have to be loved for what they are… in acceptance of the fact that the scars will be with us always.

I wrote this poem several years ago, prompted by the concept of the Wounded healer; a term used by psychologist Carl Jung to describe the use of our own wounds in the healing of others.

It's only
in the giving
of a grateful
fractured heart..

that joy will come from living
and sorrows can depart..

for you're
a wounded healer
whose essence
will transcend..

restoring and renewing
before this journey's end.

Poem & Painting by Mairi

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